2022-2023 season - Prints

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

NB: Prints must be mounted on card with maximum dimensions 50 x 40cm.

Images shown along with these results may not do the original prints full justice. They are simply reminders of the winners.

 Cumulative scores from seasonal print competitions

(Only one round so far)

 Preliminary section, monochrome
Phyllis Benoist111st
Brett Culpin102nd
 Preliminary section, colour
Brett Culpin121st
George Benoist112nd
Phyllis Benoist33rd
 Advanced section, monochrome
Peter Stevens151st
Alan Forster102nd
Ray McIver73rd
Linda McGregor5
Howard Wilson4
Chris Parker3
David Baldwin3
Henry Tennant3
Terry Scott3
 Advanced section, colour
Alan Forster101st=
Peter Stevens101st=
Linda McGregor83rd
Ray McIver5
Terry Scott5
Henry Tennant3
Chris Parker2
Howard Wilson2

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 1st seasonal print competition

20th October 2022
Judge: John Smith EFIAP, PPSA, APAGB of Gateshead CC

 Preliminary section, monochrome
Leaving the CathedralBrett Culpin1st8
A Thing of BeautyPhyllis Benoist3rd4
HostaBrett Culpin1
AngerPhyllis Benoist1
Quiet ContemplationBrett Culpin1
Dare you have a GoPhyllis Benoist2nd6
 Preliminary section, colour
Door at MezquitaBrett CulpinHC3
Room for MorePhyllis Benoist1
Cracking the WhipGeorge Benoist1
Click and RunBrett Culpin1st8
Tango'dPhyllis Benoist1
The JokeGeorge Benoist3rd4
Church CushionsBrett Culpin1
Heads and TailsPhyllis Benoist1
The TrioGeorge Benoist2nd6

Mono 1st: Leaving the Cathedral
Brett Culpin

Mono 2nd: Dare you have a go
Phyllis Benoist

Mono 3rd: A Thing of Beauty
Phyllis Benoist

Colour 1st: Click and Run
Brett Culpin

Colour 2nd: The Trio
George Benoist

Colour 3rd: The Joke
George Benoist

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 Advanced section, monochrome
A Flourish of TrumpetsAlan Forster2nd6
Richmond FallsDavid Baldwin1
LifebeltPeter Stevens1st8
River GodLinda McGregor1
Pipeline PerspectiveRay McIverHC3
Carliol House ReconstructionTerry Scott1
Decaying Staith at BlythHenry Tennant1
Old DoorwayHoward Wilson1
Swan HouseChris Parker1
They're knocking down what I builtAlan Forster1
Rivetting Airframe ArtDavid Baldwin1
Stranger in the NightPeter Stevens3rd4
Clapboard HouseLinda McGregor1
Wheels in MotionRay McIverHC3
GMS Endeavour at BlythTerry Scott1
A Quiet CornerHenry Tennant1
Ushaw Altar DetailHoward WilsonHC3
St Marys at Low TideChris Parker1
The Bored ManAlan ForsterHC3
What's CoalDavid Baldwin1
WrongwayPeter StevensHC3
CormorantLinda McGregorHC3
BesiegedRay McIver1
Sizergh Castle GardensTerry Scott1
The Old Boat - detailHenry Tennant1
Hand CartChris Parker1
 Advanced section, colour
AllotmenteerAlan Forster1
Evening LightPeter StevensHC3
Quayside WalkLinda McGregor1
Niagara SunriseRay McIver1
Ashton Memorial InteriorTerry ScottHC3
HookedHenry Tennant1
The EntertainerHoward Wilson1
Stormy WeatherChris Parker1
TracyAlan Forster1
PomegranatePeter Stevens2nd6
Thoughtful RobinLinda McGregorHC3
Know Your OnionsRay McIverHC3
GroyneTerry Scott1
Oarweed KelpHenry Tennant1
Bait CollectingHoward Wilson1
Greedy GannetChris Parker1
The EncounterAlan Forster1st8
TradescantiaPeter Stevens1
AgroundLinda McGregor3rd4
Fire and WaterRay McIver1
Piano Detail - 1Terry Scott1
Pilot Gig "Lady Sue"Henry Tennant1

Mono 1st: Life Belt
Peter Stevens

Mono 2nd: A Flourish of Trumpets
Alan Forster

Mono 3rd: Stranger in the Night
Peter Stevens

Colour 1st: The Encounter
Alan Forster

Colour 2nd: Pomegranate
Peter Stevens

Colour 3rd: Aground
Linda McGregor

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