2022-2023 season - Prints

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

NB: Prints must be mounted on card with maximum dimensions 50 x 40cm.

Images shown along with these results may not do the original prints full justice. They are simply reminders of the winners.

 Seasonal competition trophy winners

Silver Jubilee TrophyRay McIverSeasonal Advanced Monochrome Prints
Furlong TrophyDavid BaldwinSeasonal Preliminary Monochrome Prints
Dr Knox TrophyRay McIverSeasonal Advanced Colour Prints
Taylor TrophyJulie HedleySeasonal Preliminary Colour Prints

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 Cumulative scores from seasonal print competitions

We show the scores for each round making up the totals

 Preliminary section, monochrome
David Baldwin3 + 13 + 6 = 221st
Brett Culpin10 + 0 + 10 = 202nd
Phyllis Benoist11 + 1 + 3 = 153rd=
Julie Hedley0 + 8 + 7 = 153rd=
Maria Maza0 + 0 + 8 = 8
Tina Ormerod0 + 0 + 3 = 3
 Preliminary section, colour
Julie Hedley0 + 17 + 8 = 251st
Brett Culpin12 + 2 + 10 = 242nd
George Benoist11 + 3 + 3 = 173rd
Phyllis Benoist3 + 6 + 3 = 12
Maria Maza0 + 0 + 8 = 8
Tina Ormerod0 + 0 + 5 = 5
 Advanced section, monochrome
Ray McIver7 + 13 + 10 = 301st
Peter Stevens15 + 2 + 8 = 252nd
Alan Forster10 + 9 + 5 = 243rd
Chris Parker3 + 0 + 12 = 15
John McGuinness0 + 8 + 3 = 11
Linda McGregor5 + 3 + 3 = 11
Henry Tennant3 + 3 + 3 = 9
Howard Wilson4 + 2 + 3 = 9
Terry Scott3 + 0 + 3 = 6
Keith Hildreth0 + 3 + 0 = 3
 Advanced section, colour
Ray McIver5 + 13 + 12 = 301st
Linda McGregor8 + 10 + 3 = 212nd
Alan Forster10 + 5 + 3 = 183rd
John McGuinness0 + 5 + 12 = 17
Peter Stevens10 + 3 + 4 = 17
Chris Parker2 + 0 + 6 = 8
Terry Scott5 + 0 + 3 = 8
Henry Tennant3 + 3 + 1 = 7
Howard Wilson2 + 2 + 3 = 7
Keith Hildreth0 + 5 + 0 = 5

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 3rd seasonal print competition

23rd February 2023
David Hall ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE3* of Gateshead CC

 Preliminary section, monochrome
The ScrumJulie HedleyHC3
Below TideTina Ormerod1
Easter at the AbbeyPhyllis Benoist1
Sanctuary AssuredBrett Culpin1
The Old ModDavid Baldwin1
Happy FaceMaria Maza2nd6
Cracked!Tina Ormerod1
I love Rock and RollPhyllis Benoist1
The Left TreeBrett Culpin1
Five past Two or Five Past ThreeDavid Baldwin3rd4
SquigglesMaria Maza1
DecemberTina Ormerod1
Blyth PierJulie Hedley1
Amen CornerPhyllis Benoist1
The Eyes have itBrett Culpin1st8
Bradgate HouseDavid Baldwin1
Time Stood StillMaria Maza1
EllisJulie HedleyHC3
 Preliminary section, colour
Just Before the StormGeorge Benoist1
Hear Voices in my HeadJulie Hedley1
Full MoonTina Ormerod1
Cuesta D Pedro MataBrett Culpin1st8
Mantra - Peace, Peace, PeacePhyllis Benoist1
Beach TreasureMaria MazaHC3
Red SunriseJulie Hedley1
The WatcherPhyllis Benoist1
Thai JunkTina Ormerod1
Roll Out the BarrelsBrett Culpin1
The Old Boat HouseGeorge Benoist1
Generational PrideMaria Maza3rd4
Talking to the CloudJulie Hedley2nd6
The Fortune TellerTina OrmerodHC3
Is it You?Brett Culpin1
Behind the ThinkerPhyllis Benoist1
Pirate on Dry LandMaria Maza1
Castle LeodGeorge Benoist1

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 Advanced section, monochrome
South Shields WheelTerry Scott1
A Huddle of HerdwicksLinda McGregor1
JulieAlan Forster1
JohnHenry Tennant1
White HorsesRay McIver1
Blurring Sea Sand and SnowPeter Stevens3rd4
The StareChris Parker2nd6
Cuthbert's HandsHoward Wilson1
Jacobite 45407John McGuinness1
Brougham Castle - White SeatTerry Scott1
EmptyLinda McGregor1
Quiet Textures and the Souls of a Thousand BloomsAlan Forster1
Mount Grace ArchesHenry Tennant1
Little BoxesPeter Stevens1
View from a WindowChris ParkerHC3
Three Planks MissingRay McIver1
December on Cleveland PierHoward Wilson1
Lone Tree at Castle KilchurnJohn McGuinness1
Blyth PiersTerry Scott1
Roaming in the MeadowLinda McGregor1
OiAlan ForsterHC3
Staircase SpiralsHenry Tennant1
Snow FingersPeter StevensHC3
BTS Sky TrainChris ParkerHC3
Nuclear Construction, Bristol ChannelHoward Wilson1
Breaking through the WallJohn McGuinness1
Almost EntangledRay McIver1st8
 Advanced section, colour
Swirling into the SeaRay McIverHC3
A Quiet CornerTerry Scott1
Fondamenta De La ColoneteAlan Forster1
Glenridding SteamerLinda McGregor1
Vestrahorn IcelandPeter StevensHC3
Italian Prisoners' Chapel, OrkneyHenry Tennant1
Northern SpireChris Parker1
Am I BotheredHoward Wilson1
Sunrise on Blyth PierJohn McGuinnessHC3
Onto the BeachTerry Scott1
Mount YoteiChris Parker1
PastoralRay McIverHC3
Bluebell WoodLinda McGregor1
A Case of the BluesAlan Forster1
The Burnham on Sea LighthouseHoward Wilson1
Dog Walking before the StormJohn McGuinness1st8
In the SummertimeLinda McGregor1
The Rose, the Fag and the PhoneAlan Forster1
Horse and CastleRay McIver2nd6
End of AutumnPeter Stevens1
In Flight SaladChris Parker3rd4
SnapTerry Scott1
LindisfarneHoward Wilson1
Sunset at Durdle DoorJohn McGuinness1

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 2nd seasonal print competition

12th January 2023
Judge: Lynda Golightly LRPS of Consett & District PS

 Preliminary section, monochrome
Painted PinsJulie Hedley1
ContemplationDavid Baldwin1
The Old FenceJulie Hedley2nd6
Reflections on a ConePhyllis Benoist1
Seal SiestaDavid Baldwin3rd4
The Viewing PlatformJulie Hedley1
The Statue of the AnnunciationDavid Baldwin1st8
 Preliminary section, colour
Holi Festival at Swiss CottageBrett Culpin1
Sea Sky and SunGeorge Benoist1
Blue Mountains in MijasJulie HedleyHC3
ChillingPhyllis Benoist1
Fun in the SunJulie Hedley2nd6
The Black Betty BikeBrett Culpin1
Castle LeodGeorge Benoist1
Hello Who are You?Phyllis Benoist1
PhewGeorge Benoist1
The Fairground AttractionJulie Hedley1st8
Moo…Phyllis Benoist3rd4

Mono 1st: The Statue of the Annunciation
David Baldwin

Mono 2nd: The Old Fence
Julie Hedley

Mono 3rd: Seal Siesta
David Baldwin

Colour 1st: The Fairground Attraction
Julie Hedley

Colour 2nd: Fun in the Sun
Julie Hedley

The Black Betty Bike
Brett Culpin

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 Advanced section, monochrome
A Quiet CornerAlan ForsterHC3
AbsencePeter Stevens1
Admiring the ViewLinda McGregor1
Tracking the LightRay McIver1st8
Warkworth Castle StairwayHenry Tennant1
On the MendipsHoward Wilson1
Nice light on St MarysJohn McGuinness2nd6
GannetsKeith Hildreth1
Condensed SoupAlan ForsterHC3
New TrainersPeter Stevens1
BrianHenry Tennant1
The VoyagerLinda McGregor1
CitiBikes GaloreRay McIver1
LeopardKeith Hildreth1
Taking a Monment to ReflectJohn McGuinness1
RichardAlan ForsterHC3
Trotting on the BeachLinda McGregor1
Death Rocks at DawnRay McIver3rd4
Old Pier at BlythHenry Tennant1
On the LakeHoward Wilson1
The Last FurrowJohn McGuinness1
Little OwlKeith Hildreth1
 Advanced section, colour
Autumn ColoursPeter Stevens1
Deckchairs RisingAlan ForsterHC3
Herdwick PortraitLinda McGregor1
The Final HurdleRay McIver1
Leaf Miner CaterpillarHenry Tennant1
Ullswater ViewHoward Wilson1
Casa Batllo BarcelonaJohn McGuinness1
Fox CubKeith HildrethHC3
Double Yellow LinesAlan Forster1
Road ColoursPeter Stevens1
Little EgretLinda McGregorHC3
Havana ClassicRay McIver1st8
The Saddest Sunflower in All The WorldAlan Forster1
Rocks on Corrie BeachHenry Tennant1
Ellis with new TatJohn McGuinness1
Tangled WoodPeter Stevens1
Teacup in a StormLinda McGregor2nd6
Leopard PortraitKeith Hildreth1
Hunting CodRay McIver3rd4
WellspringHenry Tennant1
The Lighthouse Burnham on SeaHoward Wilson1
View from Devils StairsJohn McGuinnessHC3
Cheetahs at KillKeith Hildreth1

Mono 1st: Tracking the Light
Ray McIver

Mono 2nd: Nice Light on St Marys
John McGuinness

Mono 3rd: Death Rocks at Dawn
Ray McIver

Colour 1st: Havana Classic
Ray McIver

Colour 2nd: Teacup in a Storm
Linda McGregor

Colour 3rd: Hunting Cod
Ray McIver

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 1st seasonal print competition

20th October 2022
Judge: John Smith EFIAP, PPSA, APAGB of Gateshead CC

 Preliminary section, monochrome
Leaving the CathedralBrett Culpin1st8
A Thing of BeautyPhyllis Benoist3rd4
Richmond FallsDavid Baldwin1
HostaBrett Culpin1
AngerPhyllis Benoist1
Rivetting Airframe ArtDavid Baldwin1
Quiet ContemplationBrett Culpin1
Dare you have a GoPhyllis Benoist2nd6
What's CoalDavid Baldwin1
 Preliminary section, colour
Door at MezquitaBrett CulpinHC3
Room for MorePhyllis Benoist1
Cracking the WhipGeorge Benoist1
Click and RunBrett Culpin1st8
Tango'dPhyllis Benoist1
The JokeGeorge Benoist3rd4
Church CushionsBrett Culpin1
Heads and TailsPhyllis Benoist1
The TrioGeorge Benoist2nd6

Mono 1st: Leaving the Cathedral
Brett Culpin

Mono 2nd: Dare you have a go
Phyllis Benoist

Mono 3rd: A Thing of Beauty
Phyllis Benoist

Colour 1st: Click and Run
Brett Culpin

Colour 2nd: The Trio
George Benoist

Colour 3rd: The Joke
George Benoist

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 Advanced section, monochrome
A Flourish of TrumpetsAlan Forster2nd6
LifebeltPeter Stevens1st8
River GodLinda McGregor1
Pipeline PerspectiveRay McIverHC3
Carliol House ReconstructionTerry Scott1
Decaying Staith at BlythHenry Tennant1
Old DoorwayHoward Wilson1
Swan HouseChris Parker1
They're knocking down what I builtAlan Forster1
Stranger in the NightPeter Stevens3rd4
ClaPhyllis Benoistoard HouseLinda McGregor1
Wheels in MotionRay McIverHC3
GMS Endeavour at BlythTerry Scott1
A Quiet CornerHenry Tennant1
Ushaw Altar DetailHoward WilsonHC3
St Marys at Low TideChris Parker1
The Bored ManAlan ForsterHC3
WrongwayPeter StevensHC3
CormorantLinda McGregorHC3
BesiegedRay McIver1
Sizergh Castle GardensTerry Scott1
The Old Boat - detailHenry Tennant1
Hand CartChris Parker1
 Advanced section, colour
AllotmenteerAlan Forster1
Evening LightPeter StevensHC3
Quayside WalkLinda McGregor1
Niagara SunriseRay McIver1
Ashton Memorial InteriorTerry ScottHC3
HookedHenry Tennant1
The EntertainerHoward Wilson1
Stormy WeatherChris Parker1
TracyAlan Forster1
PomegranatePeter Stevens2nd6
Thoughtful RobinLinda McGregorHC3
Know Your OnionsRay McIverHC3
GroyneTerry Scott1
Oarweed KelpHenry Tennant1
Bait CollectingHoward Wilson1
Greedy GannetChris Parker1
The EncounterAlan Forster1st8
TradescantiaPeter Stevens1
AgroundLinda McGregor3rd4
Fire and WaterRay McIver1
Piano Detail - 1Terry Scott1
Pilot Gig "Lady Sue"Henry Tennant1

Mono 1st: Life Belt
Peter Stevens

Mono 2nd: A Flourish of Trumpets
Alan Forster

Mono 3rd: Stranger in the Night
Peter Stevens

Colour 1st: The Encounter
Alan Forster

Colour 2nd: Pomegranate
Peter Stevens

Colour 3rd: Aground
Linda McGregor

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