2018-2019 season - Prints

Points are awarded in seasonal competitions as follows.

NB: Prints must be mounted on card with maximum dimensions 50 x 40cm. It has been several years since the old slightly larger size of 20 x 16inches has been outlawed but some prints are still being submitted at that size. These are liable to be disqualified. They certainly cannot be used for external competitions.

Images shown along with these results were photographs of the prints and so may not do them full justice. They are simply reminders of the winners.

 1st seasonal print competition

1st November 2018
Judge: Lynda Golightly of Consett and District Photographic Society

 Preliminary section, monochrome
(no entries)
 Preliminary section, colour
Fiddlers GreenDorothy Wilson1

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 Advanced section, monochrome
AtriumHoward Wilson1
AscendingGraham Relf3rd4
Down on the farmJohn McGuinness1
Arcade CadizStan Bewick1
Longdrangar CliffsRobin Sinton1
Watching LeopardKeith Hildreth1
Brimham Rocks No 1Terry Scott1
Kelpie Close UpHoward Wilson1
Past and goneGraham Relf1
Masai Warrior at homeJohn McGuinness1
Mosque DetailStan Bewick1
Swine Den Cullernose PointRobin Sinton1st8
Loco No.49Terry Scott2nd6
Gatehouse vaultGraham Relf1
Masai WomanJohn McGuinnessHC3
Hasan 2nd MosqueStan Bewick1
Rumberling KernRobin Sinton1
Tyne BridgeTerry Scott1
 Advanced section, colour
Vaulting Malaga CathedralStan Bewick1
Reykjanes IcelandRobin Sinton1
The Weed Dance (Gt Crested Grebes)Keith Hildreth1
Carlo 1 Street FunchalTerry Scott1
Sea ViewHoward Wilson1
BuoysGraham Relf1
Catching the LightJohn McGuinness1
Mosque DetailStan Bewick1
PfifferdajRobin Sinton3rd4
Little OwlKeith HildrethHC3
Giant LizardTerry Scott1
Window AbstractionHoward Wilson1
Iris in the snowGraham Relf1
Masai woman with childJohn McGuinness1
Olive market, CasablancaStan Bewick1
Grinard BayRobin Sinton2nd6
Cheetah at waterholeKeith Hildreth1
Liberty Square MallTerry ScottHC3
St Mary's, Studley RoyalGraham Relf1st8
Masai Woman PortraitJohn McGuinness1

Colour 1st: St Mary's, Studley Royal
Graham Relf

Colour 2nd: Grinard Bay
Robin Sinton

Colour 3rd: Pfifferdaj
Robin Sinton

Mono 1st: Swine Den Cullernose Point
Robin Sinton

Mono 2nd: Loco No.49
Terry Scott

Mono 3rd: Ascending
Graham Relf

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