Rules for Society Competitions & Award of Trophies

Photographic competition rules & trophies [PDF]


 Video Film-making Group's Competition Rules

(Amended 2019)

1) Films to be entered on DVD or Blu-ray discs, or on USB memory sticks.

2) Films to have silent 5 seconds black lead-in and ending (to facilitate adding to Club compilation discs , if needed).

3) Only one entry per memory stick or disc, please

4) Films must be no longer than 15 minutes (except the One Minute Competition, which has its own rule, see below).

5) Members may enter up to 2 films per competition (different rules apply for the Annual Competition, see below).

6) No film may be entered in more than one Competition in the same season (except if entered in the Annual Competition, if eligible) but may be entered in future seasons (if eligible).

7) A Competition must have a minimum number of 2 entrants (as opposed to entries) to proceed EXCEPT for the Kip Halsey Nature Award (see below) where this rule does not apply.

8) A Competition may be postponed with the agreement of the Committee but may not be brought forward to a date earlier than published in the Syllabus

9) JUDGING: In those cases where an external judge is not viable (due to low entry numbers, etc) members themselves will judge the entries. As agreed at the 2017 AGM this will be done by members ranking the entries in 1st, 2nd, 3rd place etc, rather than by awarding marks. All members present on the night will take part and rank all the entries. Where a member judges his/her own film they are expected to be honest and objective!

10) Only paid-up club members may enter the Competitions.

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 Video Film-making Group's Competitions

OPEN COMPETITION (Trophy - Richardson Cup)

Any subject. Max length 15 minutes. Must not have won any previous Competition.


Any subject. Max length one minute. Must not have won any previous Competition.

ANNUAL COMPETITION (Trophy - George Draper Shield)

Open to

a) Those films which gained 1st, 2nd or 3rd places in the current season's Competitions

and b) New films (any subject) which have not been entered in any of the current season's Competitions (max two per member). Max length 15 minutes.

and c) Any other films (max two per member) which the entrant considers suitable for consideration for the Kip Halsey Nature Award for Best Nature Content, regardless of their placings in the current season's Competitions. (Any such films which were not placed in the top three will not be eligible for the George Draper Shield.)

BEGINNERS COMPETITION (if applicable) (Trophy - Sodeau Cup)

Any subject. Max length 15 minutes. Only beginners are elibile. A beginner is defined as someone who not yet won an award in this Club or any other Club prior to joining Tynemouth. Winners of this Competition will not longer be classed as beginners in the following season.

BEST NATURE CONTENT (Trophy - Kip Halsey Award)

Awarded for the best nature/wildlife content in any film entered in the Annual Competition.

HIGHEST AGGREGATE (Trophy - Dawson Rose Bowl)

Awarded to the member with highest total of points gained for placings in the season's Competitions, awarded as follows: 1st place = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 1 point. Points will not be awarded for the Beginners Competition or the Best Nature Award.

CONSISTENCY (Trophy - Nichol Cup)

Awarded to the member entering the highest number of NEW films in the season.

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