Due to the coronavirus, meetings in our Howard Street rooms had been cancelled, to protect members. Meetings have instead been held by Zoom.

We are resuming most meetings in the club rooms for the 2021-22 season, as per the SYLLABUS [PDF]

Events in this list are colour-coded:

    club events taking place in our rooms at 106-7 Howard St

    meetings by Zoom - members will be emailed with a code

    outings, usually in the summer

    external events that may be of interest

September 16th, Thursday, 7:30pm: Main Photo Group

"My Summer in 10 minutes or less" by our own members

September 18th, Saturday, 4pm

Whitley Bay Carnival Parade

September 22nd, Wednesday, 7:30pm: Afternoon Group

The letter A: Action / Assembled/assembly / Arch / Azure / Avenue
This is expected to be the last meeting by Zoom for this group - see this group's page

September 23rd, Thursday, 7:30pm: Main Photo Group

Presidential, by Alan Forster

September 27th, Monday, 2pm: Afternoon Group

Outing to Washington Wildfowl Park (more details to follow) - see this group's page

September 28th, Tuesday, 7:30pm: Digital & Practical Group

The photo-processing workflow - see this group's page

September 30th, Thursday, 7:30pm: Main Photo Group

"Judge for yourself" - see competitions

October 4th, Monday, 2pm: Afternoon Group

The letter B: Back Alley / Bad Weather / Black & white image / Bridge / Bark - see this group's page

October 4th, Monday, 7:30pm: Video Film-making Group

Chairman David Peffer's Opening Night - see this group's page