Video Film-Making Group wins the NECA Club Programme Competition - again!

Posted 27/2/20

Trevor Ermel writes:

Four members represented the Group when Darlington hosted this year's three-way film competition on 25th February. This event was judged in advance by Ron Prosser, FACI (a former IAC Chairman) and David Fenn (the Chairman of Haywards Heath Movie Makers).

Tynemouth's winning twenty-minute entry consisted of four films - "Whitley Bay Parade" by Trevor Ermel, "An English Summer Day" by Alwyn Scott, "Lesley Brys and Friends" by Jim Shaw and the club film "PC World". Our congratulations go to the film makers involved.

Those of us who attended the Video Group's 50/50 Joint Night in January will remember that these films were part of the evening's entertainment.

We also won this competition last year - here's hoping for a "hat trick" next time!

 Exhibition of bowling club photos breaks record

Posted 4/12/19

A record number of people attended the clubrooms of Tynemouth Photographic Society on Sunday 1st December to see an exhibition of 28 prints and 280 digital images.

The exhibition celebrated the 125th anniversary of Tynemouth Bowling Club and was the result of a unique collaboration between the two clubs.

Tynemouth Bowling Club President Richard Coates said "This was a great way to end our special year with a wonderful record of our activities that future members will be able to enjoy. It's been something out of the ordinary for our members to collaborate with TPS photographers on this project."

Keith Hildreth of Tynemouth Photographic Society said "I'm delighted that so many people attended our clubrooms to see and enjoy our work. This project is part of our commitment to work with other community groups. Our members had some new photographic challenges, but the results speak for themselves."

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 We have moved!

Posted 29/9/19

On Saturday 28th September we had our official opening ceremony. About 50 guests joined us. Councillor Tommy Mulvenna did the honours at 11am. A specially baked cake and other refreshments were available, as shown in these photos.

Ready to start: Jennifer, Stan, Alan, Alan

Jennifer Cowley, Dorothy Wilson, Hew Ellis


Starting to gather in one of the rooms

Councillor Mulvenna's speech

Councillor Mulvenna & Stan Bewick cut the cake
watched by our President Keith Hildreth
and photographed by Trevor Ermel

Councillor Mulvenna was presented with a print
by founder member J.R.King of
the Fish Quay c.100 years ago

Speech by John Burton, whose unstinting
hard work got us to our new home

Joseph Duffy (NCPF President) presents Howard Wilson
with the certificate for his recently won CPAGB/AV

Howard Wilson and Councillor Mulvenna
with the J.R.King photo

The last photo is by Alan Forster, the others by Graham Relf

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 We are moving!

Posted 26/8/19

After 62 years in Tynemouth Front Street the Society is now moving to premises in the lower section of Howard Street, North Shields. We will have the ground floor of Nos 106 & 107. This has several advantages, not the least of which are easy parking for evening meetings and no stairs to climb.

The interior is on two slightly different levels with a few steps between them but there is an entrance door from the street to each level.

Removals are happening on 29th August and volunteers will be putting final touches to fittings on 2nd and 3rd September.

See the map in our contact pages for the exact location.

Huge thanks are due to John Burton for persevering with this project and seeing it to fruition.

106 & 107 Howard Street

106 & 107 Howard Street

Maritime Chambers, at the end of the street

Maritime Chambers plaque

Up river from the south end of the street

Howard Street from the south

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 Club outing to Cheeseburn Sculpture Gardens

Posted 8/7/19

Graham writes:
At least five of us made it to this fascinating venue on 6th July. The weather was perfect and we greatly enjoyed ourselves photographing the many weird and wonderful sculptures in the gardens and woods. Extracts from some of my photos are below. This venue is open on only a few weekends each year. See their web site for details:

Margaret adds:
In the end at least 8 of our members were there. And here are some more photos, the first by Alan Forster, others by Margaret:

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 Tynemouth Bowling Club

Posted 16/6/19

On 15th June the Bowling Club had an open day to celebrate their 125 years. Along with other local clubs we were invited to have a stand to show what we do.

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 Congratulations to Howard Wilson

Posted 27/5/19

Dorothy writes:
Howard has just been awarded his CPAGB/AV - the Assessment Panel of five renowned judges Robert Albright (Chairman), Howard Bagshaw, Martin Fry, Gordon Jenkins and Christine Widdall all gave complimentary comments. In Stan's words "it's a feather in Tynemouth's cap and a worthy end to Howard's Presidency."

 Our presentation evening, 9th May 2019

Posted 12/5/19

This is a link to a gallery of photos from the evening.

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 Video Film-making Group Presentations

Posted 4/5/19

Trevor Ermel writes:
The final ever meeting of the Video Film-Making Group in our current club rooms in Camera House took place on Monday 29th April, when 15 members and guests enjoyed an informal fish and chip meal, followed by the presentation of the trophies to this season's competition winners. Wine and cakes were also kindly provided by some of the members. Chairman Dave Peffer rounded off the evening with some reminiscences of the happy times we had spent here over the years and we raised a toast to our old home. Happily the venue has been recorded many times on various club videos over the years and its memory will live on, and we look forward to entering the new premises next season.

Prize winners and their trophies:
Trevor Ermel, Doug Tweddle, Alwyn Scott, Jim Shaw and Chairman Dave Peffer on the right
(Photo by Terry Scott)

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 Our AGM on 25th April 2019

Posted 3/5/19

At this year's Annual General Meeting special awards were made to Stan Bewick and Arthur Smith and Howard Wilson handed over the presidency to Keith Hildreth.

Left to right: Arthur Smith, Howard Wilson, Keith Hildreth & Stan Bewick

Howard writes:

Our AGM at the end of April was notable for several reasons, but the main ones were the Society acknowledging the loyalty and work of two well known members. Arthur Smith and Stan Bewick. The citations for both are given below but it should be said that not many members over the years have been awarded Honorary Life Membership in the Society.

Such is the greatness of Stan Bewick's contribution to the NCPF, that some time ago the NCPF created a new position for him - Honorary Life Vice President - a post now held also by Jane Black (one of our Life Members).

It is some considerable time since Stan was awarded honorary Life Membership to Tynemouth PS and we acknowledge Stan by adding to that the new position of Honorary Life President as well.

It is fair to say that Stan was completely speechless when his honour was announced and I will cherish the moment that, as President, I announced these awards to Arthur and Stan.

 For Stan Bewick, AFIAP, APSA, APAGB
Citation for Honorary Life President

Stan Bewick joined this Society in October 1957 and was quickly recognised as a valuable member.

He was Secretary for 5 years, 1969 – 73, President from 1974 – 76, Treasurer 2006 – 07, and Prints Competitions Secretary from 2008 – 10.

He took over the Record Group many years ago and has made sure that our collection of pictures have been digitised and he has produced numerous shows for us to use within or outside of the Society. For 25 years he was our syllabus secretary, still runs the weekly raffle and is checker of our accounts which come to the AGM.

He was made a Life Member of this Society in the 1990s.

In 1971, Stan became a member of the Northern Counties Photographic Federation executive committee, being elected from the floor. In 1972, he became the first editor of the new Federation Newsletter - Northern Focus - and then, in 1976 became their Secretary for 5 years, until in 1984 he was elected Federation President. This he did for two years, but for many years he continued his very active role, serving on various sub committees. He was also Federation Archivist, a role he gave up only just recently. In the 1990s he chaired the Federation Centenary Committee, making sure that the celebrations were memorable and worthy, producing the Centenary Handbook along the way.

In 2003 he was made the first NCPF Honorary Life Vice President. This was given for exceptional service to the Federation, and in accordance with the rules, included at least 40yrs club membership.

He had numerous acceptances in International Exhibitions in the past, such that he was able to gain his AFIAP. He was also awarded the APSA for services to the amateur photographic community, by the PSA – The Photographic Society of America.

We should be very proud that Stan has stayed with us for all these years and has been an exceptional servant to this club and the wider Photographic community.

In view of all this, the committee have no hesitation in agreeing that Stan be elevated to the position of our first 'Honorary Life President'.

Howard Wilson, 25th April 2019 (Seconded by Jane Black).

 For Arthur Smith, DPAGB
Citation for Honorary Life Membership

It is over 30 years since Arthur Smith joined us.

He is and always has been one of our most creative workers, particularly, but not exclusively, in prints. Using film and digital, he has embraced all aspects of the medium, sufficiently to bring about superb images as he requires.

His work has been consistently of a high standard and has frequently been very highly marked in inter-club and Federation competitions. In the past he has won two judges medals in National Competitions.

Arthur has been a good ambassador for our Society over the years, both with his standard of work and in his visits to other clubs.

He has served on committee in the past and he held the post of Prints Competition Secretary for several years. Since then he has been a member of the selection committee and his views there are well respected.

With regard to hanging prints for Exhibitions, or after internal competitions, Arthur has always had the knack of putting them up in a way to show the prints at their best and no one else would attempt it without Arthur's say so or input.

In view of all this, the committee agreed that Arthur should be made an Honorary Life Member of the Society.

Howard Wilson, 11th March 2019 (Seconded by Stan Bewick).

 Other AGM matters

This was our last AGM in the premises we have occupied for 62 years. The meeting was well attended, as shown in this photo:

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 Video film-makers group 2018-19 winners

Posted 10/4/19

Trevor Ermel writes:
The best films of the season were revealed on 8th April when Graham Relf judged our Annual Competition which had 11 entries.

First place went to new member Jim Shaw for his film 'Lesley and Friends', a documentary which cleverly blended some lovely close-up footage of swans with step-by-step views of his partner Lesley, an artist working in pastel crayons, as she recreated a beautiful swan portrait. Jim will be receiving the George Draper Shield at our Presentation Evening on 29th April.

Second place was awarded to Trevor Ermel with 'Paradise', a sort of 'pop video' featuring three grandchildren, with some fast editing to the soundtrack by George Ezra.

Third place went to Alwyn Scott, another member new to Tynemouth this season, with 'Teddy's Secret', a clever 'stop-motion' film about the antics of a teddy bear while his owner was out of the house.

The other trophy to be decided that night was the Kip Halsey Award for the film with the best nature content, which went to Trevor Ermel for his film 'Fly Away'. This was the tale of two herring gulls chicks which hatched on his rooftop and which were filmed over the course of the next five months from his back garden until they, well, flew away!

Considering Graham 'had not judged anything' previously (his own words!) his comments were very well received by the bumper audience of 17 in attendance that evening and everyone agreed it was an excellent way of winding down the video season, with only the AGM and Presentation Night to come. Our thanks go to Graham for the obvious care he had taken in assessing our entries and for his presentation of them.

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 Our video film makers win again

Posted 1/4/19

Trevor Ermel recently entered a film on behalf of the Video Film-Making Group into a competition organised by Swan Moviemakers, in the IAC's North West Region. This was for a trophy in memory of a former Swan Moviemakers member who had previously worked for the BBC and ITV as a scriptwriter and actor - 'The Ray Dunbobbin Award for Best Original Script'.

Our film was Dave Peffer's 'The Dream', a period drama about the young boy whose hopes of competing in the forthcoming Olympic Games were shattered by **SPOILER ALERT** the outbreak of the First World War. (Although this wasn't revealed until the final shot there were enough clues leading up to it to enable some viewers to anticipate the outcome.)

I am delighted to announce that the film was awarded first place in the competition, so congratulations are in order to Dave Peffer, who wrote the script and narrated the voiceover, Reg Checkley who was one of the actors involved and Trevor Ermel who filmed and edited it.

We understand that the trophy will remain in the care of Swan Moviemakers but we are expecting to receive our First Place certificate in the post after the screening of the films at their clubrooms in Cheshire on 12th April.

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 Tynemouth win NECA

Posted 2/3/19

Tynemouth Video Film-Making Group won the recent inter-club NECA Club Programme Competition, which we hosted on 25th February. Four clubs took part (from Darlington, Newcastle, South Shields and Tynemouth) and judging was by Rita Hayes FACI and members of her club, Shooters Hill in London. Our 20 minute winning entry comprised five films by three members plus a club film.

The picture shows the winning members being presented with the certificate by the NECA President. (Photograph by Steven Wears)

From the left are: John Burton (who provided two short comedies, 'Teething Troubles' and 'A Welcome Drink'); Alwyn Scott ('The Lighthouse', filmed at Tynemouth on a very stormy day with an atmospheric sound track and self-penned poetry); Tynemouth Chairman David Peffer (writer of the club film 'Next, please'); Brian Dunckley, NECA President; and Trevor Ermel ('The Pudding Run', an account of the 2018 Boxing Day fun run in Whitley Bay and 'Fly Away', the story of two herring gull chicks filmed over a five month period in his back garden).

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 39th NCPF International Salon winners

Posted 30/11/18

Keith Hildreth won the Northumbria Trophy for the best entry in the Photo Travel section, taken by a member from an NCPF club. It was for his picture "A Wintry Morning".

Certificates were also awarded as follows.

- To members who had gained places in the NCPF Annual Competitions, held earlier in the year:
Dorothy Wilson, 3rd in the Preliminary PDI section.

- To members whose images were chosen to go into the NCPF Portfolio:
Keith Hildreth, John McGuinness, Brian Hardy and Howard Wilson.

- To members whose work had been selected by the Federation to be part of their entry into the national PAGB competition:
Keith Hildreth (print: "Tawny Owl with Prey") and John McGuinness (print: "Last Building at the Pit").

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