Howard Wilson APAGB

I have been a member of Tynemouth Photographic Society since the late 1960s and have held all the posts except Treasurer (no thank you). I have been honoured to be president of the Society three times - 1980, 2003 and 2017.

My interest in photography goes back as far as I can remember and my maternal grandmother bought me a brownie 127 when I was 11. I progressed via a 2¼" square bellows camera, 35mm rangefinder to a Praktica LLC SLR then Canon SLRs. I have not done any darkroom work since I got married in 1968 but was always a keen slide worker. In the late 1970s I developed an interest in creating dual projection Audio Visual sequences. In 2005 I moved into digital but took some time to embrace the world of digital AV. My favoured programme for that, PicturesToExe, has moved on by leaps and bounds in the last few years.

Numerous subjects interest me, but I have a large collection of photographs of knockers (of the door variety) and also of pillar/post boxes. I enjoy taking landscapes, seascapes, close-ups and unusual angles. Black and white prints are something I yearn to do well.

I prefer to try to get the picture right in the camera rather than spend extensive time at the computer and taking slides for audio visual work was a good learning experience from that point of view.

In 2011 my wife Dorothy and I were honoured to be made Life Members of Tynemouth Photographic Society.

I hope you enjoy looking at this selection of pictures, taken both at home and abroad.

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